Premium ultrasound for women?s health

The latest version of the WS80A ultrasound system with Elite is designed to provide superior image and exceptional productivity in workflow through highly useful features for women’s health. Its key enhancements include the S-Vue Transducer which delivers broader bandwidth and higher sensitivity in order to obtain more in-depth, higher image quality. Even patients with technically challenging cases can easily get scans with superb resolution. The system provides enhanced colour sensitivity in 3D and Doppler images and thanks to a 23′ Wide LED Screen it offers better colour representation and enhanced vision of ultrasound images for users. Extended 5D features enable higher efficiency and diagnostic confidence. 5D Heart semi-automatically obtains nine essential cardiac diagnostic planes to enable more intuitive, in-depth and accurate fetal screening based on STIC (Spatio-Temporal Image Correlation) data. 5D CNS (Central Nervous System) simplifies workflow and reduces scan time by extracting six biometric measurements from three transverse planes of a fetal brain as key indicators for quick fetal brain diagnosis. The system allows shared service for cardiovascular medicine and radiology (including pediatric, vascular, etc.).

Supplier: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

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