Premium ultrasound for radiology

A premium ultrasound system designed for diagnosis in the radiology department, the RS80A, is Samsung Medison’s first product to target the radiology segment which is the largest portion in the diagnostic imaging market. The RS80A offers greater diagnostic confidence and accuracy through the latest innovations in imaging and usability. Superb image quality is supported by a 23′ full high-definition (FHD) LED Screen. S-Vision architecture provides outstanding images through newly developed S-Vision beamformer and imaging engine. These state-of-the-art technologies ensure detailed resolution and tissue uniformity for all types of applications in radiology and general imaging. The S-Vue Transducer gives broader bandwidth and higher sensitivity to enable exquisite image quality at depth. Samsung Medison has expanded its premium probe line-up to support diagnosis over various areas such as thorax, abdomen, carotid and thyroid. Special tools increase diagnostic confidence such as S-Detect which uses the standardized Breast Imaging-Reporting and Data System (BI-RADS) score for analysis and classification of targeted regions.  S-Detect results in more effective diagnosis by reducing unnecessary biopsies and saving time through simplified procedures. E-Breast & E-Thyroid are the latest breast and thyroid ElastoScan (elastography), making it easier for users to distinguish benign from malignant masses through acquiring the strain ratio between the target and reference area faster than before. Efficiency is improved by the advanced QuickScan feature which allows important imaging parameters to be automatically adjusted, such as colour gain, location of the colour box and angle correction. Innovative design and usability features include a 3D Navigator and fewer keys on the control panel for ease of use and greater examination throughput. Users are given more operating space as the keyboard is embedded into the touch screen. The device can also remember the users’position as well as the height of the control panel every time they run the system.

Supplier: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

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