Premium ultrasonic diagnostic device

The RS85 is a new premium ultrasound diagnostic device that provides enhanced image quality, usability, and convenience for medical and radiology professionals. Among its features, the RS85 includes the MV-Flow and S-Shearwave Imaging technologies. The MV-Flow is able to detect the blood flow in microvascular tissues which is hard to be detected via a conventional Doppler ultrasonic wave. This allows researchers to check for indication of any type of lesion related to cancer or inflammation. The S-Shearwave Imaging feature provides new indicators for clinical diagnosis by quantifying the elasticity of human anatomy via shear wave elastography which will increase the accuracy of diagnosis for diseases such as hepatocirrhosis and tumours. Furthermore, the RS85 is equipped with CEUS+ for diagnosing blood flow or lesions using contrast agent images, and also provides expanded diagnostic range to the liver and breast areas as well as safe, accurate diagnosis for young children. The S-Fusion function extends analysis to the prostate gland, and also allows coordination and simultaneous comparative analysis of images and sonograms from other diagnostic instruments such as MRI and CT. The RS85 also has a monitor arm that can reach even wider areas compared to Samsung’s conventional products. Also, the RS85 has been developed to decrease the fatigue of sonographers by adding a touchscreen for easier control of the device, and it can reduce the scanning time to improve usability.

Supplier: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

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