Premium laser imager

The Carestream Dryview 6950 laser imager is designed to produce rapid output of high-resolution images for all imaging modalities including mammography. In addition to CT, MR, CR, DR and other modalities, this new laser imager also will support output of full-field digital mammography (FFDM) and CR mammography images. It can deliver a maximum film density of 4.0, which is preferred for mammography. Key test patterns are included to assist with mammography quality assurance procedures and regulatory requirements. A built-in densitometer measures and displays key film density values, which can eliminate the need for manual density measurements from test films. The laser imaging system delivers from 160 to 250 films per hour with 650 pixels-per-inch resolution on every film size. Three film supplies come standard with the laser imager, and film size changes are made easy by simply exchanging the film cartridge. The intuitive user interface includes a multilingual touch-screen user panel with a built-in ‘help interface’ to simplify instruction, operation and user training. Each cartridge holds 125 film sheets to minimize loading frequency. An optional five-bin, top-mounted sorter provides quick access to desired patient films by modality for greater efficiency and control. Carestream Smart Link remote management services provide technical support with remote monitoring and diagnostic solutions that can continuously track the status of each laser imager. Users also have access to Carestream’s Customer Success Network that includes a global team of experts.

Supplier: Carestream Health SA

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