Portable wireless digital detector

Designed to satisfy and facilitate all exam conditions, Thales’new Pixium Portable 3543 EZ is the lightest (only 2.8 kg) WiFi portable detector for radiography. Featuring a standard CR cassette format and 8 hours of battery operation (removable battery), it is a robust device intended for use with all systems, tables, wall stands or mobile carts. It’s also the solution for transforming analogue or CR systems into digital ones, in particular thanks to the auto-detection feature of the panel.  A room can be equipped with one or more Pixium 3543 EZs which can be shared by different RAD equipment and/or RAD rooms, via automatic infrared connection.  The latest addition to the Thales family of portable WiFi detectors is the Pixium 2430, a smaller version that will be soon available, giving total freedom for pediatric applications, extremities x-rays, etc.

Supplier: THALES Electron Devices

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