Portable wifi-enabled flat panel detector

Thales introduces a new class of flat panel detectors, the Pixium portable 3543 DR, extending its range of cassette size portable detectors. As the latest product in the line, the Pixium portable 3543 DR features the most state-of-the-art performance levels of any portable flat panel detectors on the market. The Pixium portable 3543 DR combines the best technology developed by Trixell, the joint venture between Thales, Siemens and Philips for the development of flat panel detectors. It also optimizes design to cost parameters which helps reduce total cost of ownership, thus bringing high-end digital radiography within easy reach of any OEM or integrator regardless of budgetary constraints. Because it is wifi-enabled, it offersmore flexibility and allows technicians to quickly share images with diagnosticians, thus streamlining hospital operations. It also includes a lightweight, X-ray, auto-detection, image storage, multi-share with automatic attachment by infra-red. It can also support new communication protocols such as Near Field Communication (NFC), and features two types of scintillators, CsI as well as Gadox, making it suitable for new radiography equipment or retrofit of existing analogue systems.

Supplier: THALES Electron Devices

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