Portable ultrasound

Highly portable and battery-operated, the MyLabGamma compact, wireless-connected ultrasound offers fast boot times and a rapid resume from standby mode so that the system is ready to use within seconds. Integration of wireless connectivity, a class leading feature for a system of its size and price, facilitates easy, one-click networking with other systems and local networks as required. The simple-to-use eTouch screen-based interface guides the operator through set-up and image capture, enabling faster workflow. A high resolution widescreen monitor can be rotated through +90/-90 degrees to increase comfort, and allows an examination to be shared with the patient or a colleague. An almost silent cooling system improves the quality of the working environment and reduces operator disturbance. Two transducer connectors allow two probes to be connected to the system: switching the probe selection during an examination is simple, further increasing efficiency and workflow. An optional multi-connector is available, allowing up to four transducers to be connected and selected via the intuitive software interface. MyLabGamma also comes with remote service capabilities. For cardiovascular applications, MyLabGamma is equipped with comprehensive cardiac and vascular ultrasound packages, and provides excellent image quality in a very compact size. Advanced tools (QIMT, XStrain), TEE Probe, Post Processing, Wireless connectivity – customizable measurements and flexible configuration – coupled with a tailored reporting package make MyLabGamma the complete solution for cardiovascular scanning in the clinic and on the move. MyLabGamma is also well-suited to other applications, including general imaging, women’s health, anesthesiology, emergency and critical care. The system represents a perfect solution from point-of-care to shared ultrasound services.

Supplier: ESAOTE S.p.A.

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