Portable POC hemoglobin analyser

The Hemo Control point-of-care (POC) diagnostics analyser provides laboratory accurate hemoglobin and hematocrit results in one simple test. The new hemoglobin POC analyser enables full upgrade with data management functionality as required, giving the user complete flexibility over their future connectivity options via its bi-directional interface. Using the new LIS2-A2 communication standard, this bidirectional interface allows the analyser to connect directly to third party software and enable simple integration with LIS (Laboratory Information System) middleware. LIS2-A2 succeeds the ASTM communication standard commonly used for small to mid-size analysers and is easier to integrate than POCT-1A. Available as a cost effective basic device which stores up to 4000 patient results, the new Hemo Control offers enhanced on-board Data Management (DM) functions following upgrade with the DM

Supplier: EKF Diagnostic

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