Portable DR system

The first truly portable DR system for controlled, low-dose x-ray examinations, the Digiview 250 flat panel digital detector is ideal for the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and general radiology imaging applications. The Digiview 250 produces high resolution (5.2 lp/mm), high contrast (65,536 gray levels) images in seconds and the technologically advanced, efficient CMOS construction acquires them at the very lowest radiation levels. With Kubtec’s userfriendly suite of enhancement tools, including the ability to access MWL and send multiple images to PACS, the Digiview 250 is a most efficient tool for totally portable low dose imaging. Higher efficiency leads to better quality of care, higher patient throughput, and improved workflow for hospital staff. Easy to handle and designed with the most fragile patients in mind, the Digiview 250 fits into an incubator and with its advanced CMOS construction, requires the shortest exposure time to produce the most detailed, high-contrast images. Designed for portable imaging applications and easily positioned with one hand, it is packaged in a custom-molded housing with a slim cassette and an integrated handle. A cable tether connects the detector to a laptop or PC to acquire and display the images that can be sent wirelessly to PACS. Using less than 10 Watts of power consumption, the Digiview 250 runs off a standard AC power adapter or even a battery pack.

Supplier: Kubtec

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