Portable digital X-ray system

The FDR Go, a new DR portable digital X-ray system, features the ability to use any FDR D-EVO detector and is designed for image preview in as little as two seconds. Images can be sent wirelessly to the hospital network. The system allows technicians to simply drop the box into the cassette drawer, and position the notebook on top to begin capturing DR images. The lightweight, compact FDR Go Flex consists of a wireless FDR D-EVO flat panel detector, a full featured laptop workstation and supporting mini components box. This system features Smart Switch, a new X-ray detection feature. It simplifies use in any room by eliminating the need to connect the detector’s processing system to the generator equipment’s exposure circuit. Both systems use the advanced detector technology Irradiation Side Sampling (ISS), which improves detective quantum efficiency (DQE) by reducing the distance for light signals to reach the sensor. This unique innovation achieves significant dose efficiency improvements and reduces scatter and blur of X-rays captured, resulting in sharper images with greater detail.

Supplier: Fujifilm Medical Systems

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