Portable detector with embedded patient ID

Thales introduces the latest Pixium Portable 3543 DR, the first ever truly standalone device with embedded patient identification working in auto-detection mode without connection to any
external device. This patented product allows for images to be taken at the bedside. By simply scanning the patient’s ID bracelet the images are linked to the patient and can be stored directly on the detector. An easy-reading display indicates the number of images taken per patient and the total number of images stored in the device for an ulterior upload into the radiology room.
Ever since the launch of the Pixium Portable 3543 DR in 2016, the company has been researching on how to ensure images are seamlessly assigned to patients and easily stored in a way that allows doctors and technicians to examine multiple patients easily. By working in auto-detection mode, the new Pixium Portable 3543 DR does not need to connect to any external devices, making it easier and quicker to operate than legacy portable systems. This makes for higher efficiencies since practitioners can examine multiple patients at minimal dose, anywhere in the hospital. Thanks to its optimized workflow, errors and stress are minimized and time and money are saved. Images and patient files can be uploaded directly to the radiology room, eliminating the need for numerous CR cassettes and answering the growing need of reducing system total cost of ownership.  

Supplier: THALES Electron Devices

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