Portable blood pressure monitor

The P800 is a portable blood pressure monitor that enables patients to take fast and accurate blood pressure readings at their own convenience. Up to 50 user profiles can be created and stored on the P800, each with their own personalized settings. For error-free user authentication, the device comes with a built-in fingerprint sensor to identify each user before starting the measurement process. This safeguards the accuracy of each user’s data and also offers greater convenience as compared to standard password-based authentication methods. Patients can also set alarms using the P800’s reminder function to prompt them to take their blood pressure measurements. The P800 comes equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities so the patient’s data will be automatically uploaded to REKA Health’s cloud platform after a reading is taken. If a wireless network is not present, patients can also easily upload their data via their smartphones using the REKA app. Physicians can then remotely review the data on REKA Health’s cloud platform for convenient monitoring of their patients’conditions.

Supplier: REKA Health Pte Ltd

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