Portable 3/6/12 channel electrocardiograph

The AsCARD Grey 3/6/12 channel electrocardiograph is equipped with a built-in HL7 protocol enabling integration with the HIS and the sending of ECG examinations directly from the device onto an e-mail box. AsCARD Grey allows a review of performed examinations with analyses and interpretation on a large LCD TFT colour touch screen of high resolution. The full report of ECG examinations may be printed in A4 format directly on an external printer or may be saved in PDF or XML files as well as stored on a Pen Drive. One of the main advantages of the electrocardiograph is its interfacing capability with database and archiving software. Moreover, the device may be used to conduct preliminary spirometry examination with the use of a special spirometry attachment. In addition, a multilingual intuitive menu enables user-friendly operation in most regions worldwide.

Supplier: ASPEL S.A.

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