Point-of-care ultrasound imaging unit

dDopp is the new ultrasound of rugged construction in the market, specially designed for use in any point of care situation. Thanks to its unlimited user soft ware design and light weight, dDopp can be shared easily between as many users/location as needed. Without compromising on quality, dDopp enables comprehensive diagnostic ultrasound at the point of care for a broad spectrum of applications. It will easily fit on a corner of a desk, on a trolley or at the bedside. dDopp can easily be used on a labtop computer to record, store, review, share and transmit images for second reading, cine-loops, reports and more (in multiple file format including DICOM). The device can also be used for training. dDopp provides complete ultrasound imaging where it is needed, in a fast and easy way. The scanner is embedded in a tough countersink made of a single block of aluminum. Dustproof and lightweight (1.8 kg), the unit comes with 5 different detachable probes with ‘hot-swap’ capabilities and include calculation packages. It is equipped with standard connectors, type 12V and USB, to ensure easy service capabilities and is plugged-in (100-240 V 50-60Hz) with any plug type available on request. Its ruggedized design ensures extended lifetime; the power supply is separate, while display is done on any Windows computer (Xp, Vista, 7, 8, 10).


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