Point of care ultrasound

Addressing the most critical issues faced within ultrasound scanning, the new M9 hand-carried ultrasound system by Mindray is developed with a prime focus on difficult patients. There is no need to sacrifice performance for portability. Combining advanced features only to be found in heavy cart-based systems into a compact portable system, M9 is a premium level laptop style colour Doppler offering easy handling and mobility. Incorporating technology such as the 3T transducer with single crystal, UWN+ contrast imaging and natural touch elastography, the M9 has the additional advantage of being able to utilize all features at the bedside, therefore offering a shared-service solution suitable for use in multiple clinical settings. The ergonomic solutions offered by M9 are complete in all aspects, improving procedural efficiency while reducing repetitive actions. A user-centric interface enables logical and efficient workflow, ensuring the most convenient operation.

Supplier: Mindray Co., Ltd Shenzen Mind. Bio-Med. Elec

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