POC ultrasound for interventional radiology

The FUJIFILM SonoSite X-Porte point-of-care ultrasound system is particularly well suited to interventional radiology. The image quality is very high and it has a large, full-screen display and a resolution that is comparable to much larger instruments. The very rapid boot-up time and good battery life are also perfect for interventional procedures, particularly as the system is so portable and robust, meaning it is always available where and when needed. The X-Porte is very easy to use thanks to a most intuitive interface and the built-in electronic manuals and online help mean that virtually no training is required. It has few controls, allowing the user to quickly set the gain, brightness, depth and colour Doppler. The lack of mechanical buttons also simplifies infection control; a sterile cover can be placed over the entire system enabling the user to operate the touch screen with gloved hands, then quickly and easily wipe it down between procedures.

Supplier: SonoSite Ltd

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