Platform for EMR, ZIS & PACS-2 integration

The realisation of achieving a centralised ICT standard in care remains a hot topic. In the ideal situation all standards-based medical systems can be unlocked. In practice this is not always possible. A platform, the DataLinQ, has now been developed that allows medical based applications to link departmental-specific data systems to an EMR, HIS or PACS-2. It incorporates several components. Linking of generic systems to communicate to PACS / RIS remains forever problematic. Often end-users have the possibility to print out a report. The DataLinQ Collect (DC) allows the use of this functionality to access the hospital network. DC converts reports to a specified protocol (DICOM, HL7, XML, Structured Reporting etc.) that makes a digital link possible. DataLinQ PACE (DP) enables an efficient and flawless transfer of data from pacemaker programmers to a local or centralised national database, thus making national registration a possible reality. Via the built-in workflows, patient information can be picked up from the HIS, EMR or RIS. DP is also available with database management tools, and data can be entered from any location. DataLinQ ICON (DI) converts each PAL or S-VHS video signal to DICOM compatible files, allowing the integration of non-DICOM modalities (visual light applications) into a PACS. As a result, the integration management process becomes simplified without the costly time constraints. DI features both DICOM worklist and DICOM Store facilities. Recorded video signals can now be converted to DICOM encapsulated Mpeg2 and after conversion can be saved directly to a PACS.

Supplier: Fysicon medical technology B.V.

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