Pilatus PC-24 with EpiShuttle

Pilatus now offers medevac PC-24 aircraft with the EpiShuttle

Pilatus PC-24 with EpiShuttle


Swiss aircraft manufacturer Pilatus, with its development partner Aerolite AG, now offers integration of the EpiShuttle in their medevac PC-24 aircraft.

The global COVID-19 pandemic situation has fuelled a growing demand for air transport solutions for infectious patients. To prevent in-flight transmission of viruses to cockpit and cabin crew, infected individuals are transported in an isolation unit known as an EpiShuttle. With its large cargo door and complete air ambulance equipment, the PC-24 is ideally suited for these missions.


Using an adapter, the EpiShuttle is attached to a universal transport trolley allowing transfer movements on the ground and positioning in the cabin. Loading is performed with the unique loading device, which automatically transfers the EpiShuttle unit plus patient into the cabin. The completely flat cabin floor and rollers on the transport trolley ensure the unit can be freely pushed into the desired position, where it is then secured directly to the seat rails using retaining devices.

“We are glad to see that Pilatus offers the very best patient comfort and safety. With the EpiShuttle’s features of reclinable backrest, transparent hard-top and excellent patient access, their passengers, both patient and staff, will have a safer and better ride. We are also impressed by Aerolite’s ingenuity when integrating the EpiShuttle into the medevac PC-24, an excellent aircraft for the transfer of infected patients with the EpiShuttle,” says Ellen Cathrine Andersen, CEO in EpiGuard.

Patient monitoring is ensured by medical equipment placed on a cradle right next to the EpiShuttle and powered by the on-board power supply. As with regular patient transport operations, medical personnel occupy cabin seats in the immediate vicinity of the EpiShuttle, and can attend to the patient at any time.

Pilatus PC-24 with EpiShuttle


Modular isolation system

In 2015, during an outbreak of Ebola in Africa, Norway’s EpiGuard developed a modular isolation system which is now also in use for Covid-19 missions. The EpiShuttle features a modular reusable design and eight medical airlocks to ensure safe patient handling.

EpiGuard, a Norwegian company established in 2015, provides solutions for safe transportation of contagious patients. Their team of medical experts and engineers developed the EpiShuttle based on analysis and clinical first-hand experience from previous global epidemics. The EpiShuttle is NATOs stock listed and CE-marked as a class one medical device.