Perseus A500 anaesthesia workstation

The Perseus A500 allows customers to arrange their anaesthesia workstation to suit their specific situation. The design of the workstation takes account of observations of anaesthesiologists and nurses around the world in their work environment. More than 100 different versions of the anaesthesia workstation can be created to match the needs of hospitals by combining the different hardware options, shelf arrangements, and storage areas. In addition, freely selectable software options, such as ventilator or monitoring modes, increase the number of possible configurations. The centralised 15.3 inch widescreen monitor can be combined with the Infinity Acute Care System (IACS) monitoring system. The data from the workstation can be imported and depicted on a monitor in real time together with the vital signs of the patient. It can be mounted to the side rails as required, either on the left or the right of the device. The anaesthesiologist can retrieve a case summary consisting of patient data, surgery time, consumption of anaesthetic gases, and equipment data, and save or print this data for further documentation. The ventilation system features small fresh gas flows (minimal flow system) and this makes it possible for patients to breathe deeply and freely (spontaneous breathing) at all times regardless of the set mode. The low volume of 2.2 litres in a circulating system and the ventilator control ensures that changes to the gas dosage are delivered quickly to the patient despite the minimal fresh gas flow. The automated features of the workstation provide benefits to personnel throughout the hospital: from the anaesthesiologist to the anaesthesia nurse to the housekeeping staff. It features an automatic and self-starting device test and is therefore ready as soon as the OR doors open in the morning. The automatic drying of the breathing system at the end of the day – the ‘Flush and Dry’ function – frees the care staff to do other tasks and optimises hygiene. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is used by the device to remind users of the timely replacement of disposable materials such as the water trap, breathing tubes, and lime scale absorber.

Supplier: Draegerwerk AG & Co. KGaA

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