PENTAX Medical presents the AquaTYPHOON

The next, brushless step in endoscope pre-cleaning

Endoscopy continues to witness a number of important innovations that contribute to even better clinical outcomes. At the same time, there are still significant opportunities for further improving patient safety and infection prevention in the field. Given the constantly changing environment of medical device reprocessing, which is marked by a heightened consciousness of the overall environmental impact of healthcare and endoscopy improving the decontamination of endoscopes has become increasingly critical. Market feedback shows that there is a need for an automated and standardized process to clean endoscopes, to ensure all steps are carried out in a uniform manner.

Paul Caesar, Head of Hygiene, Infection Control and Reprocessing at PENTAX Medical EMEA, explains: “PENTAX Medical is launching the AquaTYPHOON to do just that. It is a new automated brushless solution for the pre-cleaning of endoscopes. The device was developed by the manufacturer PlasmaBiotics1 and offers an alternative to the manual pre-cleaning step in endoscope reprocessing – without the need for brushes or detergent – addressing hygiene and sustainability challenges faced by healthcare providers in daily clinical practice.”

Caesar continues: “The AquaTYPHOON offers a completely standardized, controlled and validated process, thus optimizing the pre-cleaning phase. No steps can be skipped anymore, so the results are more constant. I truly believe this new cutting-edge solution offers more balance between patient safety and staff productivity along with their well-being as the process is automated, lowering the risk of contamination.”

Supporting reprocessing staff for increased efficiency and ergonomics

Focusing on efficiency, the AquaTYPHOON is designed to offer a solution to limits faced by staff, such as time constraints, heavy workloads, and ergonomic issues. It requires between two and five times less labour time2, which reduces the daily workload for staff and increases productivity. Depending on the endoscope type being used, the device reduces channel pre-cleaning time to just 2-7 minutes.

Daniel Vinteler, CEO of manufacturer PlasmaBiotics, explains: “Thanks to its pending patent technology, the AquaTYPHOON disperses millions of water droplets in the endoscope channels through a compressed air flow at up to 200 kilometres per hour. Such high velocity creates a high shear stress which eliminates the residues from the endoscope channels walls.”

Vinteler pursues: “Moreover, as this new technology replaces the manual brushing of the endoscope channels, wrist injuries are prevented. The reprocessing staff can work more comfortably, in combination with the height adjustable AquaBOX, which prevents splashing of the operator and the surrounding environment or uncomfortable work positions.”

The automated solution has built-in validation and safety features that help preventing human errors. The automated routine, unlike manual pre-cleaning, is always fully in line with the protocol and the full pre-cleaning procedure is documented. The system also offers full traceability and can be connected to hospital networks.

1. In 2018, PENTAX Medical, a division of the HOYA Group, acquired a controlling interest in PlasmaBiotics SAS, to strengthen the hygiene portfolio and the continued focus on reducing cross-contamination risks.
2. Depending on the local guidelines, AquaTYPHOON requires between 2 and 5 times less labour time compared with today’s manual pre-cleaning solutions.

Balancing patient safety, productivity and sustainability

As the AquaTYPHOON™ combines only water and air, waste generation due to consumables and/or chemicals is avoided. This solution significantly reduces water consumption, using this natural resource between six and ten times less than manual pre-cleaning3. By optimizing efficiency but also reducing waste generation, it not only yields cost benefits but also has a positive environmental impact – making it an ideal solution for endoscopy departments looking to minimize their environmental footprint.

By offering a reliable solution which enhances the reprocessing of reusable and semi-reusables endoscopes like the AquaTYPHOON™, PENTAX Medical removes setbacks physicians might have when considering these devices, allowing them the highest possible freedom to pick the right equipment for their procedure.

Paul Caesar concludes: “In the reprocessing process of endoscopes, stringent endoscope pre-cleaning is vital. However, it is much more than just a flush and a brush. As the industry seeks ways to optimize endoscope reprocessing, PENTAX Medical is turning to automated pre-cleaning devices with this cutting-edge solution. Not only does it improve patient safety, but it also addresses the productivity challenges faced by staff along with hospitals’ sustainability and costs concerns.”

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