Patient monitor VitalMax 4000

The large 12.1 LCD, high definition touch screen of the VitalMax 4000 patient monitor is fully configurable to the needs of any care setting. Standard functions include 3 or 5 lead ECG, non invasive blood pressure, SpO2, temperature, impedance respiration and ST segment analysis/arrhythmia analysis. The optional external module for end-tidal CO2 monitors the patient’s continuous carbon monoxide levels before a breath, compared to the levels after. All VitalMax monitors have an end-tidal CO2 port connector standard on the front panel. The VitalMad uses a reusable Nafion tube line that absorbs moisture in the patient’s breath (dehumidification), eliminating the need for a water trap and risks of cross contamination. Other optional functions include two invasive pressures, anesthetic agents with agents ID, HTS 820 central station, built-in 3-channel thermal printer and Δ Temperature.

Supplier: Pace Tech, Inc.

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