Patient control during MR scans

The Wide Bore 3.0T Caring MR Suite aims to enhance the patient experience through the assuring senses of sight, sound, and touch to make the environment for an MR scan less clinical. Through the interactive design, patients are able to choose one of 16 different themes from an intuitive interface custom- built for the iPad. With lighting, scenery and music that can be customised by the patient, it allows a patient to be transported to, for example, Tahiti for the duration of an MR examination. The design ergonomics of the system also allows a patient to choose the audio-visual content of the MR Suite to help reduce anxiety.Light, form, colour, materials and texture can transform the examination environment to, for example, a home library and fireside. The enhanced patient experience has been provided by the use of nature photography designed to help reduce the stress and anxiety of patients undergoing diagnostic or therapeutic medical procedures. The added benefit of a relaxed patient is an easier patient setup for the technologist and a minimisation of retakes.

Supplier: GE Healthcare Systems

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