Patch Holter recorder

For use by cardiology practices, hospitals and diagnostic testing facilities, the novi Holter recorder will allow clinicians to quickly and easily identify abnormal heart rhythms for their patients while minimizing the patient preparation time required by traditional Holter monitors.  The novi promises to improve patient compliance due to its discreet appearance and ease of use. The unit is 48mm high, weighs just 15 grams, is water resistant and uses a rechargeable built-in battery. The novi provides two channels of ECG and records for up to three days utilizing a single disposable patch electrode that minimizes motion artifact, resulting in improved ECG quality and more accurate analysis. When attached to the sternum the device begins recording immediately and automatically shuts off upon removal. The novi is integrated with ScottCare’s feature-rich HolterCare software, allowing clinicians to easily record and report on patients’ambulatory ECG and cardiac related symptoms.

Supplier: ScottCare Corporation

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