Owen Mumford’s active safety pen needle joins Unifine brand as Unifine SafeControl

Owen Mumford says its next generation safety pen needle will join the leading Unifine brand as Unifine SafeControl, to complement its comprehensive offering of diabetes care products.

Unifine SafeControl is a first-of-its-kind safety pen needle, designed to provide a balance of safety and control during the injection process for healthcare professionals and protect them from needlestick injuries and give confidence that the full medication dose is delivered. The visible needle provides control during the injection process with no need to change injection technique. The intuitive manually activated safety guard covers the needle after injection to protect users from needlestick injuries, and a dual safety indicator confirms that the safety mechanism has been activated with the needle covered at both ends. Unifine SafeControl is also available in a 4 mm needle length, helping to avoid muscle tissue during injection for sensitive patients.

“Our Unifine SafeControl safety pen needle is the result of extensive research and development to create a safe solution that meets the needs of modern healthcare professionals and users,”said Jesper Jonsson, director of Medical Devices at Owen Mumford. “Part of our strategy includes identifying opportunities to bring together our product lines and strengthen our portfolios to offer the best solutions to our users. By bringing our safety pen needle into the range, the Unifine brand now provides a stronger portfolio of quality diabetes care products underpinned by a commitment to safety and comfort for all.”

Unifine SafeControl’s design provides:
• Protection from needlestick injuries for HCPs
• Confidence that a full medication dose is delivered to the patient
• Control during the injection process with sterile needle visibility
• No change to conventional pen needle administration technique
• Compatibility with all major injection pen brands