OR Technology unveils motorised X-ray system for efficient, smooth workflow



German company OR Technology has released their versatile Amadeo R motorised X-ray system, expanding their product range for the inpatient sector.

The X-ray system, consisting of a bucky table and grid wall stand, has an auto-tracking function suitable for all X-ray exposures in sitting, lying and standing positions.

An intuitive 10″ touchscreen display simplifies operation. Up to 60 pre-set positions of stand height, alignment and SID (Source-Image Distance) speed up the alignment of the unit.

The X-ray tube and bucky tray of the grid wall stand are designed to be lowered to the floor. The X-ray tube automatically follows the bucky tray of the wall stand as long as the column stand is not above the X-ray table. The X-ray table with six-position height-adjustable table top has a high load-bearing capacity. An armrest is attached to the grid drawer of the wall stand to provide support for patients during taxing exposures.

The company says X-ray staff quickly become familiar with the use of the acquisition and reporting software dicomPACS®DX-R.

A wide range of standard features such as motorised auto-tracking, the wireless three-way foot switch for all motorised functions, the integrated safety functions or the removable grid on the table or grid wall stand enable fast and efficient work in daily routine operation.

OR Technology, based in Rostock, Germany, has been a manufacturer of digital X-ray technology and developer of image management systems since 1991. The company’s own solutions are successfully used in practices and clinics in more than 120 countries. Their portfolio ranges from DR retrofits for existing stationary or mobile X-ray systems, to imaging plate systems (X-ray with cassettes), complete X-ray systems and mobile DR detector case solutions for outdoor use.