Operating room (OR) integration

The new TEGRIS system for OR integration is characterised by its powerful and compact nature. At around a quarter of the size of its predecessor, it is a flexible and space-saving unit for use in the operating room. All image sources, such as endoscopes, microscopes and OR field cameras, regardless of manufacturer, can be connected to the system thus guaranteeing flexibility in terms of endoscopy and imaging equipment. In this way, modern, new or further developed devices can also be easily integrated into the operating room environment at a later date. The system can interface to internal information systems, for example, an HIS or RIS, so as to enable all patient data to be made available at the touch of a button. This can be viewed by the entire OR team on all monitors. In addition, there is an integrated safety checklist, based on the World Health Organization’s principles.

Supplier: Maquet GmbH & Co KG

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