Online product finder tool for replacement x-ray tubes and flat panel digital detectors

Varian Medical Systems, X-Ray Products, has launched an on-line product finder tool giving customers the ability to quickly locate needed replacement X-ray tubes as well as flat panel detectors for digital imaging. The product finder showcases all of Varian’s X-Ray Products offerings and can be found on the company’s website.  Finding the right X-ray tube or flat panel detector is not always easy. The new product finder tool offers a convenient solution that allows customers to define the parameters that meet their specific needs. Options such as focal spot size, target angle, insert or housing type, pixel size, and frame rate, are a few of the filter and sorting capabilities available that help to deliver the right product recommendations. Customers can search within the product finder for medical X-ray tubes, replacement X-ray tubes by manufacturer, industrial X-ray tubes, or digital radiology detectors. This new website tool will help to make it easier for customers to search for X-ray products using drop-down menus to filter and sort numerous product parameters. The tool has the ability to copy or sort the results, as well as download technical datasheets for all available products. With just a few clicks of the mouse the new product finder is an effective solution that provides a quick and easy way to allow customers to select the parameters that meet their needs and make a complex process simple.

Supplier: Varian Medical Systems

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