Nova Biomedical opens new subsidiary in Switzerland

Nova Biomedical is pleased to announce the opening of a new sales and after-sales support subsidiary in Switzerland. The new facility demonstrates Nova’s commitment to the Swiss market and to supporting the strong growth of Nova’s biotechnology and in vitro diagnostic testing platforms.
Located close to Zurich in the canton of Zug, Nova’s new subsidiary is designed to fully support current business and to allow for anticipated future growth. The new subsidiary provides full sales and service support and inventory warehousing.
With the new subsidiary, Nova brings the most advanced technology analytical platform for use in cell culture facilities: FLEX2. FLEX2 offers automated, online sampling for up to 16 cell culture analyses including chemistries, dissolved gases, cell density/viability, and osmolality. The system uses a maintenance-free sensor card, requires only 265 µL of sample, and performs all 16 analyses in 4.5 minutes.
Nova’s line of Stat Profile Prime whole blood analysers are designed for use in both hospital and point-of-care (POC) settings in Switzerland. Prime hospital analysers include the Critical Care System (CCS), Electrolyte System (ES), and Prime Plus, which all feature Prime’s innovative, maintenance-free cartridge and reagent technology that saves time, space, and costs.
Prime CCS offers a comprehensive testing menu of pH, PCO2, PO2, Hct, Na, K, Cl, iCa, Glu, and Lac. Prime Plus combines blood gas, electrolyte, and metabolite testing with co-oximetry for an extensive, 22-test menu that’s ready in about one minute.
The newly launched Allegro system is a fast, simple, capillary blood analyser designed for use in primary care settings such as physician offices. Allegro offers a test panel including HbA1c, lipids, glucose, and creatinine, together with urine albumin and creatinine.
The StatStrip and StatSensor line of handheld, POC meter and test strip analysers provide rapid glucose/ketone, lactate, and creatinine results at the bedside to support clinical decision making.
“We at Nova Biomedical are very excited to welcome our new Switzerland subsidiary to our international team and for the opportunity to continue to bring Nova’s biotechnology and in vitro diagnostic testing technologies to this important European market,” said Andy O’Toole, VP European Operations at Nova Biomedical.