Notebook-based ultrasound scanners

A new generation of ultrasound imaging systems, notebook-based scanners, are available. The range includes Echo Blaster black-and-white scanners, and LogicScan and ClarUs colour doppler scanners. The flexibility of these PC-based scanners allows easy integration of advanced technologies such as 3D imaging, wide field-of-view (Panoramic) imaging and real-time speckle reduction. Key features of the LogicScan and ClarUs include digital doppler multi-beam processing, which considerably increases frame rate during colour and power doppler imaging, and a novel hybrid signal processing module that provides noticeably improved sensitivity. Scanners are equipped with a wide variety of probes to cover a broad range of applications. The scanners can be used as entry-mid-level colour systems for applications including obstetrics and gynaecology, general and musculoskeletal imaging and vascular access. All systems are also available as OEM blocks.

Supplier: TELEMED, UAB

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