New X-ray app can be used for testing and training worldwide

Dr Tom Lynch said the medical and IT worlds have come together to produce something unique. A group of medical consultants in Belfast have teamed up with IT specialists to develop a mobile app that can identify where a doctor is going wrong when interpreting X-rays. The app also helps medics develop their skills. It identifies areas of weakness that can be worked on in training and that could potentially save lives. According to those behind the training tool, it is the first of its kind in the world.
Dr Tom Lynch is among the founders. He said: ‘This is the medical and IT worlds coming together in Northern Ireland and producing something which is really unique.’
The app provides immediate feedback, and the more it is used by a doctor the more targeted and personalised the feedback becomes. Each doctor has particular strengths and weaknesses – this app means that the doctors are highlighted and then targeted. Primarily the device, known as Experior, will be used in accident and emergency and cancer departments, but could eventually be rolled out across all health specialities and even into education, industry and financial services. BBC