New technology used by Mayo Clinic treats evaporative dry eye symptoms

Mayo Clinic in Arizona is the first medical centre in Arizona and the Southwest to provide a new technology that treats dry eye by targeting blocked eyelid glands. Blocked glands can inhibit production of oil that is necessary for healthy tears needed to lubricate the eyes.
People with chronic dry eye, from this evaporative sub-type , often experience pain and irritation caused by an inadequate protective layer of oils in their tears, which creates a cycle where they resort to excessive use of eye drops that can exacerbate the condition, according to Joanne Shen, M.D., Ophthalmology, Mayo Clinic in Arizona. ‘Patients are frustrated in their attempts to find relief, frequently trying warm compresses, ointment, eye drops or even vitamins,’ says Dr. Shen.
The new treatment, called the LipiFlow thermal pulsation system, represents a significant shift from the traditional management of dry eye, in that the system is able to diagnose and address the root cause of the condition