New software for anesthesia machine

With the help of version 2.0 software for the Perseus A500 anesthesia machine, the anesthetist can automatically recruit insufficiently ventilated lung areas during surgery. The software also provides a comprehensive ventilation monitoring function which monitors the compliance of the sensitive lung in relation to the PEEP (positive end-expiratory pressure) during a recruitment manoeuvre. As a result, the affected lung area can be made accessible again for ventilation in a gentle manner. Atelectasis is a common, but undesirable, occurrence during operations. For some patients, recruitment manoeuvres using the manual ventilation bag, for example, are the means of choice. However, several individual operating steps are sometimes required for this. The new software version 2.0 for the Perseus A500, which is now available, can assist the anesthetist when these steps have to be performed. It supports both one-step recruitment and a multi-step manoeuvre, which usually requires a lot of quick successive manual adjustments at the machine. The anesthesia machine now performs these steps automatically after the anesthetist has set the maximum inspiration pressure and maximum PEEP. Ventilation monitoring is also an integral part of the new software. The anesthetist sees, for example, on the screen how successfully the lung has been recruited. In addition, compliance can be assessed in the course of time, which makes it easier to select the optimum PEEP for the respective patient. The software also takes into account the standard operating procedures of a clinic along the treatment path. The anesthesia machine can, for example, be set in such a way that it indicates the first required recruitment time for the patient undergoing surgery. The machine can also remind the anesthetist about other necessary repetitions.

Supplier: Draegerwerk AG & Co. KGaA

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