New generation of bedside terminals

The new JAO ST- 185B is the first of a new range of patient bedside terminals, with hardware and software jointly developed. The software provides patients with more tools for health education, service requests and communication with the care team. Real-time pop-up notifications inform patients about their doctor’s schedule, and customizable message boxes offer a more personalized patient experience. There are numerous entertainment options at the bedside, such as radio and TV, Internet access, games and Video-on-Demand. It also provide patients with a sense of independence by enabling them to assess the quality of care through patient surveys, select their own meals, or control the lights in the room. The bedside terminals also provide hospital staff with direct access to a patient’s electronic medical records and the hospital information system while safeguarding patient privacy. The 18.5′ bedside terminal comes with a number of unique features that improve usability and performance. It is thinner, lighter and has a sleek, cutting-edge design. The terminal is powerefficient, incorporating LED backlights. The unit can be tilted, rotated 170 degrees, and comes with a multi-touch integrated touch screen. This combination enables medical staff to put the screen in the perfect typing position

Supplier: Barco N.V.

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