Neonatal incubator/warmer

The new IncuWarmer Babyleo TN500 offers optimal thermoregulation in open care, closed care and transition. The device provides a stable micro-environment for the premature baby and is also very quiet, typically operating at 40 dB(A). The wide-ranged height adjustment function, jumbo hand ports and an easy-to-open hood allow clinicians and parents to comfortably and efficiently provide care to the premature baby. An integrated audio system and kangaroo mode help actively involve the parents in caring for their child. The Babyleo IncuWarmer enables open and closed care in a single device and provides superior thermoregulation via three synchronized heat sources to ensure the temperature is maintained even when the hood is opened. A constant supply of warmth is especially criticial for the healthy development of the premature baby. In addition, the device has an automatic humidifier so the humidity level is automatically adjusted according to the temperature settings. When humidity levels are high, to avoid condensation build up on the hood of the device, a Clear View feature activates the radiant warmer to ensure the care team always has good visibility. To make care rounds more comfortable for the staff and parents, Babyleo has a wide variable height range that allows sitting or standing, and makes it easy to find the right position to access the baby. Additionally, the jumbo hand ports, generous storage space and a bed coupling system for the Drager Babylog VN500 ventilator facilitate workflows. Babyleo supports kangaroo care, a technique where the infant is held on a parent’s chest. The kangaroo mode ensures the baby is monitored during skin-to-skin care and that Babyleo’s settings remain set for the baby’s return. It is the first device to also include an audio function which allows, for example, mothers to play music or recorded voice files for their babies via an MP3 player plugged into the side of the device. A small loudspeaker delivers the recording inside the device at a low, controlled volume. Furthermore, Babyleo has a Family View screen. The user interface of the screen displays a select number of easy-to-read medical parameter values, in an effort to reduce parent anxiety, and also includes the baby’s name and a personalized icon so each device is individualized. Parents and caregivers can also choose between seven different mood light colours to gently light the floor area and create a nice atmosphere.

Supplier: Draegerwerk AG & Co. KGaA

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