MTF Biologics unveils new tissue form: AlloPatch Pliable Meshed – acellular human reticular dermal allograft

MTF Biologics, a global nonprofit organization is introducing AlloPatch Pliable Meshed to its line of premier, innovative and effective wound care solutions. AlloPatch Pliable Meshed is an acellular human reticular dermal allograft designed to help heal difficult to treat wounds including diabetic foot ulcers and venous leg ulcers.

“We are delighted to add to our wound care portfolio to continue to collaborate with healthcare providers to expand treatment solutions for patients,” said Marc Long, Ph.D., executive vice president of research and development at MTF Biologics. “We understand the difficulties of treating high risk patients with chronic, non-healing wounds, and our comprehensive portfolio of dermal, placental and adipose tissues empower clinicians to treat a variety of patients.”

AlloPatch Pliable Meshed has fundamental characteristics that make it ideal for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers and venous leg ulcers. Featuring a unique meshed design that allows for optimal drainage and incorporation, AlloPatch Pliable Meshed is the only aseptically processed meshed reticular dermal tissue that can be used in both the acute and post-acute settings. The allograft conforms to wound topography for immediate coverage and can expand up to 170% of its original size to accommodate a variety of wound sizes. It provides a scaffold for wound closure that allows a patient’s own cells to proliferate and repopulate the graft to facilitate integration. It also offers structural coverage that supports early re-epithelialization without the need for substantial granulation tissue formation by the host first, which helps to ensure effective healing.

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