Mortara’s WiFi based Telemetry Monitoring: one more success story

Mortara Instrument’s new family of Surveyor WiFi telemetry solutions is designed to offer diagnostic-quality ECG acquisition and to work on the existing WiFi network, with no need for a dedicated network infrastructure. Its outstanding features have been the key decision factors for Policlinico San Donato (Milan, Italy), one of the top-ranking centers for the study and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, to select Mortara telemetry system.

Mortara designed the Surveyor S4 solution based on three main criteria: cost saving, coverage and clinical excellence.

Cost is a major priority of today’s healthcare professionals and also one of Mortara’s top concerns. The Surveyor S4, thanks to its advanced design, can operate on existing WiFi infrastructure to broadcast physiological signals. It eliminates the cost of a proprietary antenna network, which is required by traditional telemetry systems. Removable, rechargeable batteries allow a lower ecological footprint than disposable batteries, while also reducing running costs.

Coverage (i.e. the areas where the patients can be monitored) is also revolutionized with the Surveyor S4; the use of WiFi technology allows patients to be monitored virtually wherever the WiFi signal is available throughout the facility. This means more freedom for the patient, but also extends patient monitoring to more departments; the ability to clinically monitor and evaluate patients is enhanced without additional beds being added to the traditional telemetry area.

Mortara takes pride in delivering clinical excellence. VERITASTM is the suite of algorithms created by Mortara to analyze ECG signals. The Surveyor S4 family includes the latest algorithms that provide clinicians with absolute reliable data. From basic to lethal arrhythmias, VERITAS is the ideal companion for clinicians. In addition, all Surveyor S4 mobile monitors offer diagnostic quality acquisition; combined with the true 12-lead ECG amplifier, they offer best-in-class 12-lead ST segment analysis. True 12-lead ECG monitoring allows physicians to detect early ST segment changes and obtain a complete evaluation of the cardiac profile of the patient, without additional tests.

Founded in 1969, IRCCS Policlinico San Donato is part of an 18-hospital network that provides over 5,000 beds, and is also host to the Medicine School of the University of Milan. The clinical arrhythmology and electrophysiology ward, run by Professor Carlo Pappone, is one of the international excellence centers for the treatment of all types of cardiac arrhythmias.

Atrial fibrillation, Brugada syndrome, Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) syndrome, and cardiac electro-stimulation are among the main research fields. In particular, the research on, and treatment of, supraventricular arrhythmias is a primary focus and area of expertise for this group of clinicians, as testified by the number of publications on international top-ranking journals, and directly witnessed by the large population of patients who have already successfully undergone trans-catheter ablation procedures.

Given the outstanding reputation of his center, Professor Pappone has chosen Mortara as the best-in-class partner in order to deliver excellent diagnosis and treatment.

Policlinico San Donato is one of the many centers where the Mortara monitoring solutions have been adopted and that every day helps to improve healthcare throughout the world.