Modular roll stands

The mobile CIM Cart series are easily maneuverable and ergonomically designed. The mobile mounts can be perfectly adapted to the needs of clinical personnel. They are made of eloxized aluminium and feature an integrated cable management system, thus offering a great deal of flexibility and meeting high standards of hygiene. The devices are easy to clean and resistant to hospital-grade disinfectants. Avoiding a tangle of cables on the floor means that germs have no place to collect. The centerpiece is a base with five rollers that gives optimal stability and is available in a variety of versions depending on need. The small cruciform base made of aluminum can carry over 15 kilos without a counterweight and is therefore a real space saver. For greater burdens, a heavier base of steel with asymmetrical cantilever arms provides the requisite stability. For example, the model can be used to secure the kind of heavy equipment used in video monitoring for endoscopies and diagnostics. The integrated cable management system patented by CIM med offers the greatest possible amount of flexibility and hygiene. The two models are equipped with high-quality double rollers and easy to maneuver. A conductive version is also available in the portfolio. The column of the roll stand provides many options for individual situations. All CIM med carrier arms and components can be slipped onto the C-profile of the column.

Supplier: CIM med GmbH

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