Mobile X-ray system

The fully motorized MobiEye 700 is suitable for any complex diagnostic environment. Mindray’s innovative dual-mode power management technology, mega-capacitors circuit and superior-capacity battery enable the MobiEye 700 to overcome the power limitations of conventional mobile radiology devices. The dual-mode power management utilizes power extraction from the long-life battery and wall current for all functions. The rapid-charging function delivers up to 80% battery capacity after 2hr charging while enabling 20 times exposure after only 5 minute charging. Mega-capacitors technology regulates the strength of the current and reduces the burden on the battery while extending the battery lifespan. Attention to details is one of the most significant aspects to ensure a highly efficient workflow and comfortable operation for technicians. A number of innovative and humanized features have been incorporated into the MobiEye 700. The anti-collision design combines 270° implanted sensors for emergency stop and double ultrasound sensors for motion buffering. Detector security is ensured by a detector lock on the control panel. A LED indicator displays the exposure and operational status. Both auto and manual motion modes are available, with the manual mode ensuring the device is fully usable in emergency situations. To help mobility, a specially designed bionic manipulator and multiple control mode bring definite advantages in terms of motion and positioning. The enhanced mobility includes 12° slope-climbing, 360° rotation with one-hand operation and intelligent speed regulation. The bionic manipulator offers an optimized bionic design while the multiple control mode features an ergonomically designed handle and a RF remote control for advanced movement. The unit measures only 47cm in width and weighs 370 kg.  Mindray’s lightweight (3.3 kg) MPX wireless detector is liquid and dust resistant and is available with optional gird for maximum flexibility. The Mind-Home concept ensures automatic detector charging as well as detector security and protection. 5G wireless detector conjugation is possible by means of innovative antenna technology for 5G WIFI connection and allows ultra-high speed data acquisition and transmission.

Supplier: Mindray Co., Ltd Shenzen Mind. Bio-Med. Elec

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