Mobile X-ray imaging system

A new lowerpriced mobile X-ray imaging system can be purchased as a CR system and easily upgraded to wireless DR technology to gain faster image access and automated features. The portable imaging system features a balanced and articulating arm to capture most types of imaging exams. The unit is compact, lightweight, easy to transport and position, and features a powerful 30kW generator and eight-inch touch screen monitor. The CARESTREAM Motion Mobile System offers manual or APR (anatomical programmed radiography) mode for quick selection of exam technique and push button or hand switch controlled exposures. A tilting step is designed to help operators move the unit over uneven surfaces. A costeffective DR retrofit upgrade provides rapid image capture with DRX detectors, a 19-inch touch screen monitor and access to advanced features. A DAP and X-ray Generator Interface automatically acquires DAP and technique information to monitor patient dose while eliminating the need for manual entry. In addition, Carestream’s DIRECTVIEW software delivers accelerated image display and delivery to PACS or printers.

Supplier: Carestream Health SA

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