Mobile worklist

IMPAX Mobile Worklist is an upgrade to Agfa HealthCare’s IMPAX RIS that enables mobile devices, such as an Apple iPad mobile digital device, to collect RIS data including patient information and signatures electronically. The ability to enter and access this information in real time, regardless of location within the facility, results in better informed technologists, a paperless workflow, a more efficient exam process, and increased patient satisfaction. The device enables technologists to enter and access patient data and clinical information from any location, including in the emergency room, during portable exams, or at the patient’s bedside. Starting at the front desk, IMPAX Mobile Work list is designed to improve a radiology department or imaging centre workflow by enabling staff to eliminate paper at the check-in process by collecting patient data, including signatures, electronically. Eliminating the use of paper also helps to reduce error or misinterpretation and makes key information available to all staff at all times. Technologists can also use it to collect medical information such as allergies or other health issues, and then ask for the patients to complete questionnaires. They can then present this information, as well as concise analysis on patient wait times and technologist efficiency, to the radiologist throughout the workflow. IMPAX Mobile Worklist also improves technologists’workflow on the hospital floor, away from the radiology department. Its flexibility allows a technologist or physician to take it on rounds or dock it on the desktop. Technologists have first-hand access to all exams for a selected day, including completed, scheduled, and ongoing exams. IMPAX Mobile Worklist provides the ability to begin, end, and re-queue exams on the mobile screen with the ability to track, in real-time, patient arrivals without being tied to a RIS workstation.

Supplier: AGFA Healthcare

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