Mobile digital radiography system

The newly launched GM85 provides advanced mobility, maximized user convenience and a high image quality.

Its ultra-compact design with 555mm narrow width and 349kg lightweight allow easy access around tight spaces, even in elevators. When moving the system in the hospital building, GM85’s collapsible column gives users clear visibility and help access anywhere easily. The adaptive soft driving control and automatic front bumper sensor offer safe navigation and an ultimate driving experience.
The system features a multi-touch screen panel, image display screen on the THU (Tube Head Unit), and extensive long tube reach for easier operation. The S-Align displays the detector’s angle to the THU for precise alignment, and the quick-positioning function optimizes workflow and decreases fatigue, enabling users to serve more patients. It can also power up from 0 to 100percent in only two to four hours and go on for a full day.

The GM85 goes further from this with advanced imaging which enables more accurate and confident diagnosis. It applies Samsung’s advanced imaging engine S-Vue to enhance image sharpness and clarity. The SimGrid is an application which, even without the need of a conventional grid, produces superior image by reducing scatter radiation effects. With the SimGrid, radiographers can provide better patient care and lower retake rates, as it eliminates alignment errors that often occur with a conventional grid. The Tube and Line Enhancement feature brings improved clarity of the tube and line in chest images through single on-screen click.

Supplier: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

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