Mobile CT

The OmniTom mobile 16-slice computed tomography (CT) scanner features an array of improvements from Samsung’s award-winning CereTom CT scanner. It is the world’s first mobile imaging device with omni-directional wheels, maximizing mobility and allowing easier and quieter movement in small spaces. Its 16-slice (0.625 mm per slice) advanced data acquisition system with effective dose optimization delivers superior image quality. The scanner maintains a small footprint ideal for mobile use while increasing the gantry opening to 40 cm for improved coverage of adult head and neck, and full body pediatric scanning. In addition, OmniTom features an internal drive system, making portability less strenuous, while also offering smart-sensing collision avoidance software to maximize control and patient safety. OmniTom is ideal for cranial procedures and is designed to deliver the highest quality non-contrast CT, CT angiography and CT perfusion scans. The combination of its rapid scan time, ultra-small footprint and immediate image viewing makes OmniTom an indispensable tool for collecting real-time data on critically ill patients. The latest product also demonstrates Samsung’s “AccE” (Access, Accuracy and Efficiency) strategy that aims to change the industry by incorporating innovations in physical access to provide care wherever it is needed. It also aims to improve accuracy in diagnosis with advanced algorithms and efficiency with advanced display, user experience and information management technology developed by Samsung Electronics.

Supplier: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

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