Mobile connection for POC hemoglobin analyser

POC Connect is the world’s first mobile data management solution designed for a reagent-free hemoglobin testing device. The simple android application enables the user to store, access and transmit hemoglobin results directly from a DiaSpect Tm hemoglobin analyser to a smartphone via Bluetooth. It is now possible to link Hb results with customizable unique IDs, QC information, Cuvette LOT numbers and dates and times, as well as transfer data easily via a file download or through email so it can be added to a central database or lab information system (LIS). The DiaSpect Tm device can be purchased with integrated Bluetooth, meaning there is no need to purchase an additional external Bluetooth dongle. This new solution will prove useful in countries with challenging environmental and geographical conditions where remote hemoglobin testing and access to internet can often be difficult.

Supplier: EKF Diagnostic

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