Mindray: a world class company grown in China

Founded in 1991, Mindray is one of the leading global providers of medical devices, committed to innovation in the fields of patient monitoring & life support, in-vitro diagnostics, and medical imaging. International Hospital’s editor in chief met David Yin, Group Vice President and General Manager of International Sales and Marketing on the Mindray stand and reviewed their latest products on display at CMEF.
Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Mindray possesses a global marketing and service network with subsidiaries and branch offices in 32 countries in North and Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific, as well as 31 branch offices in China. To date, Mindray has 7,600 employees. Particularly strong is its R&D department which employs 1,700 engineers and accounts for a spend of almost 10% of annual revenue. The company is dedicated to adopting advanced technologies and transforming them into accessible innovation, improving the quality of care, while helping to reduce its cost and make it more accessible to a larger part of humanity. Today, Mindray’s products and services can be found in healthcare facilities in over 190 countries besides China.
Mindray is the perfect example of a company built on growth from the domestic to the international market. Key milestones in its development include the New York Stock Exchange listing in 2006, the Datascope acquisisition in 2008 and the Zonare takeover of 2014.
Among the many products on show at CMEF was the cutting edge design BeneVision patient monitor with its rotatable landscape and portrait layout as well as its innovative clinical decision support tools like HemoSight. On the ultrasound imaging side, the Resona 6 premium system was developed with Zonare and is powered by the innovative ZONE Sonography Technology. At the other end, the M6 hand-carried ultrasound system offers a wide range of tools that maximize diagnostic capabilities at the bedside. Another highlight at CMEF was the WATO EX65 Pro anesthesia workstation which is newly launched in the Chinese market.