Mid-range ultrasound scanner

E-CUBE 11, the newest addition to the E-CUBE product portfolio. Built around the latest imaging technologies, equipped with a rich set of high-end features, the mid-range system offers anewly designed interface combined with advanced imaging solutions for shared services including general imaging, obstetrics & gynecology and internal medicine. In order to effectively manage demanding caseloads, the E-CUBE 11 features a simplified way of scanning with more programmable keys and a new touch screen, leading to about 28% reduced exam time and faster workflow with 35% fewer keystrokes on average, compared with a conventional system. Powered by an intuitive interface of a capacitive touch screen (10.4") with instant response, the system promotes streamlined exam flows to improve exam quality with less effort. Its new usability concept for UI/UX design also helps reduce repetitive movements and even a learning curve, providing a new level of user performance. Additional advantage of the enhanced CPU (Intel Core i7) and integrated SSD (Solid-State Drive) increases process efficiency and patient throughput by the E-CUBE 11 system. Based on Alpinion’s Crystal Signature Technology, the newly adaptive imaging algorithm and enhanced digital signal processing enable the E-CUBE 11 system to process more information and faster for diagnosis with exceptional detail, clearer border definition and the ability to assess subtle changes in tissue. The E-CUBE 11 system delivers a high level of image performance across a wide range of clinical applications and patient body types. Without compromise between frame rate and image quality, it improves temporal resolution with up to 200% higher frame rate and 150% better colour PRF. A newly adaptive post processing by each application delivers clearer image detail and contrast resolution by increased signal-to-noise ratio and a wider range of gray scales. The introduction of the HD Digital Beamforming enables consistently excellent image quality from near to far field zone across all clinical capabilities. Suitable for a shared service environment, the E-CUBE 11 has the power and application diversity to support a spectrum of specialties from general imaging to OB/GYN, cardiology and more.

Supplier: Alpinion Medical Systems

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