Medical foam tape

A new highly breathable and conformable medical foam tape provides comfortable, breathable securement and can serve as a backing material in multiple constructions including multi-layer wound dressings and fixation devices. Sold as a component, MED 5663U medical foam tape consists of a soft polyurethane carrier, skin-friendly acrylic adhesive and a paper release liner. The tape’s tan-coloured carrier has a film and foam laminate structure and features a smooth outer layer that minimises friction from clothes, bedding and other fabrics. The carrier conforms to body contours and permits free movement without stretching the skin. The tape’s adhesive is coated without solvents, helping address concerns about their potential environmental impact. The adhesive is a UV-curable acrylic with a high moisture vapour transmission rate (MVTR) of 1200 g/24h/m

Supplier: Avery Dennison Medical Solutions

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