Medical carts for mobile storage

DETECTO’s new Rescue and Whisper series medical carts come in multiple colour options (red, blue, yellow, and white) with five or six drawers and 360-degree rotation for tight corners. The Whisper series offers unique features, including drawer facades that quickly snap off and back on and completely-sealed drawer rails without any exposed seams for hygienic wipedown cleaning. As the name implies, the Whisper series offers whisper-quiet rolling convenience with its insulated interior walls. The soft-close drawers glide shut for superior convenience. The carts’balanced design will not topple over when full drawers are extended. DETECTO’s carts are manufactured from quality aluminum cart body construction that is powdercoat painted for durability with easy-toclean ABS countertops. The keyed or EMG breakaway central lock secures all drawers at the same time for added convenience. The carts’5-inch-diameter wheels feature two parking locks and one steering lock. ABS bumpers protect all four corners of the medical carts. The push handle offers a user-friendly design. Multiple optional accessories are available for customization. It is also possible to purchase a fullyloaded cart pre-stocked with typical accessories needed for ER or anesthesiology departments.

Supplier: DETECTO

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