mediCAD 3D planning software optimizes complex orthopaedic procedures

When it comes to complex orthopaedic procedures, precise planning is key to success. This is where mediCAD 3D comes into play – an advanced planning software specifically designed for orthopaedics. With this innovative software, orthopaedic surgeons can perform planning in three dimensions, leading to optimized results.

With this software, surgeons can view the patient’s 3D model from different angles, ensuring precise and individualized planning. The software also supports automatic measurements, which can help make the best decisions for the most optimal operation.

The software is designed for planning procedures on the shoulder, hip, foot, knee, and ankle. You can segment different body regions and save them as STL files, which can then be printed with a 3D printer. The precise and accurate size determination that is possible with the software also facilitates logistics and can reduce sterilization costs. The mediCAD 3D software is particularly useful for planning spine surgeries.  With the software, you can assess the patient’s alignment in 2D and perform screw and implant selection in 3D. The guide will lead you step by step through the planning process, and you will have access to numerous tutorial videos to help you get started and to ensure the best results.

The learning curve for the mediCAD 3D software is steadily increasing. It may take about 20 minutes initially to perform a planning, but with regular use, the time can be reduced to as little as 5 minutes. And with each successful operation performed based on a mediCAD 3D plan, confidence in the software is further strengthened.

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