Mawi, A New Solution for Cardiac Monitoring

Mawi is a complete cardiac monitoring solution created to streamline clinical workflow and profitability. These extended holter devices are single-use and disposable, with no need to assemble or charge. Mawi has 2, X-shaped vectors for sufficient detection of clinical pathologies, and to overcome signal-to-noise limitations, providing continuous uninterrupted data.

How does the service work?

The patch is applied to the patient in-clinic or at home. The patient wears the patch for up to 7 days and then returns it back to practice. The practice staff upload the data to the cloud and an AI-powered, automated report is generated. It is over-read and validated by certified cardiologists to confirm the results. Within 24 hours from the data upload, the doctor is emailed the report or can review it through the digital platform.

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