Maternal milk fat and calories analyser for neonatal ICU

Creamatocrit Plus has been launched recently as the first maternal milk fat and calories analyser. This novel centrifuge with built-in tube reader is dedicated to providing a fast and accurate creamatocrit measure of maternal milk and estimate of calories. Small and lightweight with whisper quiet 3-minute operation, Creamatocrit Plus is particularly useful in neonatal intensive care units (NICU) to ensure that premature infants are receiving the calories that they need to thrive. Creamatocrit Plus guides the separation of foremilk and the high lipid, high caloric hindmilk to accelerate weight gain in extremely low birth weight infants. To achieve this it uses a very simple, inexpensive and accurate technique for estimating the lipid concentration and calorific density in mothers’milk.

Supplier: EKF Diagnostic

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